Lost Little Girl

A little child, just gone
vanished in thin air
there for all the world to see
then suddenly she's nowhere

Pretty, blonde and happy
now in stranger's care?
Cared for, warm and safe I hope
I feel you still are near

How does a child vanish
in a place so safe and small
This city's daughter now
we seek you one and all

How does a parent cope
with pain and loss so great
and not fill up their hearts
with anger and with hate

Compassion for the child
like wise for the family
and godspeed little girl
come home soon and safely

Victoria Stafford of Woodstock Ontario has been missing for 15 days, last seen walking off with a woman she appeared to know. An Amber alert was not called until a week after her disappearance, and at the same time the case was turned over to the OPP. At the same time they announced that this is now a child abduction case.

You can check for information in the ongoing search and see a picture of beautiful little Victoria as well as a composite sketch of the person wanted for questioning in the case in the Amber Alert message on the upper right side bar of this page.


nollyposh said…
ohhhhh X:-(
~Prayers~ for her safe return x
Anonymous said…
Very sad...
Anonymous said…
Breeze, thank you for bringing this story up. I have been following the story, and it is a bit confusing. I am not at all clear as to why the police reacted the way they did. I saw one scene with the Dad on TV where he appeared concerned, but not necessarily worried (I DO know what fear and stress can do to emotions, so I don't put a lot of weight into that observation, but still). There is something underlying this case that seems totally unlike other child abduction cases. I keep thinking former babysitter? Former Sunday School teacher? Someone that the child knew. I pray that she is safe with whomever she is with. I pray that her abductor is someone who stole her because they wanted someone to take care of and love. So tragic!
Audrey, I too see a mystery as well. I'm not sure if the police delayed acting quickly because they judged the parents due to their life situations doing a grave injustice to this little girl, there are some undercurrents of "something" else going on however I'm hesitant to say either parent is involved in this. I wonder if they have information to leave them thinking all will be ok but can't say straight out for fear of jeopardising the investigation. And I hope that all means this little girl is ok and they just can't find her.

There is a lot of gossip and speculation but I don't think this is a 100% stranger abduction in that I think even if the kidnapper is unknown to the parents, they aren't unknown to the kidnapper if that makes sense. It wasn't random is what I'm saying.

Somehow that's consoling for the rest of us here so close by but then there is the fact, we don't know where Tori is and if she truly is ok. Or maybe there really is a stranger pulling random children off the streets in our part of the world. Scary stuff

The silence here is deafening Audrey, a child is missing and barely a word is being spoken by anyone other than the mother.

I, personally want to know she's ok. And I want her to be home with the ones who love her most.

April said…
I also have been thinking of Tori since you first posted about her, hoping that she is safe. It's such a scary thing for a child to be missing. It is really odd, about it not being declared an abduction right away, and the police passing judgment on the parents for whatever reason. Err on the side of caution, I say. Sadly, a little girl (Sandra Cantu) was recently murdered in California and the woman who killed her (Ms. Huckabey), just months before the incident, had led one of the victims neighbor kids to a nearby park. She was returned to her mother floppy, listless, incoherent..brought to ER and she had valium in her system. Because the mother of this child was intoxicated when the police report was made, only a cursory interview was done of Ms. Huckabey (who also had a criminal record for arson and other things. It's really appalling that her house wasn't searched. Too bad...a tragedy could have been avoided!!
I sincerely hope that Tori is found! I only brought up the sad story because of that similarity of inefficiency of the police earlier that could have helped in some way. Again, it's better to err on the side of caution!
Joanne said…
How sad for all involved. Praying for her safe return, soon!
Deepanjan Ghosh said…
You're lost little girl
You're lost little girl
You're lost
Tell me who
Are you?

The Doors - You're Lost Little Girl