In foggy lands the dragon flies
on clouds of dreams and cotton
while fairies dance in meadows green
in the land that time's forgotten

In misty lanes the lovers walk
in paths of dew and fragrance
while unicorns of white delight
canter in the distance

The fields of daisies hide the lairs
of creatures and of angels
while ghosts of trees and goddesses
are quietly entangled

So lies the land of fantasy
where witches sing with knights
where you will visit in your mind
when I turn out the lights

Inspired by my daughters' who have wonderful off to spray "monster-away spray" under the bed and in the closet so they can sleep.XXX


nanobri said…
Heh, monster-away spray.

Doesn't that perpetuate the belief that there are in fact monsters?

I think as a kid I was more curious than imaginative. I'd ask questions like "why is the sky blue?" or "where does thunder come from?" and I'd get answers like "it just is" or "it's because the angels in heaven are bowling". I remember feeling cheated when I learned the real answers in school years later.

I think I'm probably the exception and not the rule though. :-p

At least as an adult I foster my creative side a bit with the poems and the role-playing and whatnot. :)

nanobri of
nollyposh said…
Oh Lol! "Monster spray"-How clever! LOVE the poem X:-) (i'm sure i've bEEn there tOO!) x
Lee said…
Wonderful poem, Breeze! Each of those mind's eye views takes me back to a story, dream, or imagining of my own. Monster away spray sounds good! My mom used to sweep bears and tigers out of the closet, from under the bed, and throw one off the balcony for good measure. :-)

Brian they ask so many of those questions...your mom didn't have wikipedia I's where we go...ever have a 3 year old go.."mommy can you google..." whatever the question of the day is..too funny. Monster spray, entirely their invention just like the monsters...they create the problems in their imaginations and then the solutions.

The poem is a conglomerate of my children's fantasies and now almost 15 year old was big into dragons and fairies.

Thanks for the comments
April said…
Very pretty and magical.
Anonymous said…
Breeze...THANK YOU! I appreciate you and your wisdom more than I can ever express! Is your cousin in Edmonton anything like you?

I love this magical poem! And I love that they have now invented Monster Away spray! Wish they had that when I was little. Or maybe not...maybe I would have been forced to stay in bed earlier!
Anonymous said…
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