The Girl

Emptiness is all around,
the shell of me is cold
I leap and dance and scream and wail
in a search to find my soul

And the whirling of the bitter winds
whips my heart to pieces
and blows me as a dervish
towards the precipices

The sun fights with the greying clouds
to spread her warmth on me
but the cold north wind says no, oh no
I will not let her be

Escape is not an option
there is no place to go
I'm trapped inside this barren cave
alone without my soul

and I weep for that broken girl
the one that didn't stay
I plead please send her back to me
Won't she please come back this way

I sit on the cold in Meditation
trying to drown out the din
the noise of electric cacophony
always seems to win.

Then the hand of love touches me
I'm here but where are you?
I know I am the bow of love
from my daughters' point of view

It's not so cold and empty now
my self creeps stealthily in
the sun breaks free from the clouds
its warmth touches my skin

And the sweetness of the child's voice
with the sunshine on my skin
unites with love and harmony
to make me whole again.

And the girl I thought was gone for good
came back with all the other
she hadn't gone at all she said
she had just become a mother.


Debbie said…
amazing!! touching!!Beautiful!! true....
Anonymous said…
That is beautiful! Breeze, your poetry is so soulful! You really are talented!
Daria said…
Once again, an great poem ...

Just thought I'd mention, I pulled out my meditation tapes ... which are actually on an MP# player. I listen to them in bed before I go to bed.

You mentioned meditation a while back and I'm doing it.
Daria, that's wonderful and thank you, all of you for your kind words. I do the same Daria, with meditation and it really helps me sleep.

April said…
That's really beautiful Breeze. Your words are so full of love and emotion.
This is simply beautiful! What a perfect picture of the journey! You are a wonderful poet! Visiting from God of Another World...So glad I came!
Jinksy said…
The last verse brought a tear to my eye! xxx
Also visiting from "God of another World" Breeze. Beautiful post - really glad I came to see your poem. I will return to see some more if I may. Best wishes, Eddie