Falling in Love

You've known her forever
yet suddenly you see
she's amazing and special
and incredibly unique

She's compassionate and loving
she's one of a kind
she's the love of your life
you never thought you would find

You've discover a way
of looking in her heart
and seeing the beauty
that sets her apart

Your surprise by the joy
falling in love brings to you
but you go with the feeling
it's exciting and new!

you get to know her better
as days go along
and you wonder how you missed it
how you didn't hear her song

Then you realise with wonder
she's the love, she's the one
she's the one you've been waiting for
now your searching is done

And you know you're complete
there is nothing else
when you finally fall in love
with your wonderful self!


Anonymous said…
Amazing! Love the ending - how true is that!
Joanne said…
Beautiful poem, I think so much in life opens up to us when we reach this point.
Daria said…
Beautiful ... the first thing I think of is breast cancer survivors and how they could be affected by this poem.

Do you intend to or have you ever published any of your work?
nollyposh said…
Hee! Hee! i ~love~ the ending of course! X:-)
SimplyBillie said…
So beautiful and it brings back some amazing memories!
Debbie said…
Very beautiful..inspiring... and hopeful!! I need hope..thankyou for that!!!
Debbie said…
p.s. Can I have you permission to print this and frame it??? on a daily basis I need to remember my purpose..my plan..my future..my hope! and the journey starts and ends with me..discovering who I am, who I was, and who I will forever be... your writing is amazing and I am so thankful to share this journey with you!!
Of course you can Debbie! I'm flattered you asked.
Cheryl said…
WOW! Thanks Breeze..this has been an amazing journey of discovery for me.
Deepanjan Ghosh said…
There are days when she's a whisper
Nights when she's a scream
A reason to wake up in the morning
To close your eyes and dream
She'll curse you like a sailor
She'll wound you with her eyes
She always makes it better
But she won't apologize
I know everything about her but dont know her at all...

She's a ride on a mystery train
To a place youve never been before
Better hold on tight to that mystery train
Youre not in kansas anymore...

Bon Jovi - Mystery Train
I love that Double-Dolphin..I love Bon Jovi! Thank you!