A drizzly weighty fog is all around me
heavy with its grey blue damp
aching deep withing my bones
encompassing the wrought iron lamp

I stand in total darkness guided
by a beacon in the grey
guided towards a promised warmth
along the cobbles on the way

stumbling forward into nothing
catching on the painful stone
upright, moving upward, forward
wandering lost but not alone

Gradually the fog is lifting
burned to air by rising sun
scars and wounds on hands are healing
as I start a happy run

Suddenly the light is on me
I stand in open fields of green
before me is the promised land
a place where peace and freedom reign

Where is this? I ask a stranger
is this heaven? Is this earth?
Yes it is, the stranger tells me
all are one and all are both

Find the light here on the earth
Go forth in peace and you'll arrive
Move with grace, compassion and mercy
learn to die while you're alive

The fog is only sent to lead you
without the fog you wouldn't go
towards the light of peace and knowledge
or appreciate the glow

In darkest earthly days of fog
walk along with strength and purpose
Love and light and peace and knowledge
are always waiting near the surface


April said…
So uplifting, gorgeous.
I can see your Taoist and Dr. Wayne Dyer influences in there, too.
Nicely done!
nollyposh said…
~Love~ this Breeze X:-)