The Deceit of the Righteous!

Since I rediscovered the sestina poetry form I've been using Lisa's seed guidance to inspire. So I asked Lisa to send me 6 seeds and she sent me these words: print, jump, violet, litre, organ, blows. Here is the sestina those words inspired me to write. I call it

The Deceit of the Righteous.

With the word of the prophet in print
obedience demanded! proceed! Jump!
his Latin melody shrouded in violet
bread and spirits measured by the litre
outside golden spires announced by the organ
through the brass pipes the liars music blows

as the masses huddle inside as it blows
finding no escape though the print
of their feet walk with the tune of the organ
while every starving bone of their bodies jump,
begging, mister spare a litre
of water, hands, feet, meanwhile cold and violet

In unpardonable sin the liar in violet
pronounces fire and brimstone as the poor wind blows
pouring the blood from the golden litre
the only one with the words in print
fearing the masses will learn the truth and jump
abandoning the purple and that melancholy organ!

The perfect melodic noise of the organ
hides the deceit and sin of the violet
The lies hidden where love-babes jump
and the ocean screams and the north wind blows,
nature and God angered at the print
of lies told to the people who drink from the litre

Angry mobs will smash the litre
into the priceless discords of the organ
and in fiery pyres burn the print
that support the falsehoods of the violet
and silent then the golden pipe blows
and the liar stripped naked, prepares to jump

The crowds in justified anger agree, Jump!
as now they swagger sober free of the litre
the wind of love and truth now blows
The melody of peace drown the sound of the organ
and the iris grows gently a soft violet
while a new harmony is found in the print.

On nature's demand a honest wind blows
and all must walk a firm path or jump.
The tabloid is the form of the print
as long as the patriarch offers the litre.
Change the course so the beauty of the organ
is never lost in the lies of the violet.


Anonymous said…
Very clever my friend!
Anonymous said…
Talk about some hard words to work with. Nice job on this one.