Crystal Blue Persuasion

Photo Credit: Christine Hoffe, Linda White, Jody White

Whenever I thirst for inspiration, here is where I go. This link is a website for my hometown, a magical, place, a geographical miracle, where all the corners of the earth come together to form a mystical magnetic force that draws her people to her. There is no leaving this place, everyone fortunate enough to be born on this little rock cannot leave her. Yes, physically we go, but spiritually we float above her, always hers as she's always ours. I don't physically go that often, but I've never truly left. It's an inexplicable bond, a love-hate relationship if you will, yet, somehow, the inspiration I seek, can always be found on her rocky surface. Check out the pictures of the icebergs that visit every spring and see where the inspiration for the following came from.

In infinite depths broke away
freed from the long-frozen source
floating adrift in saline fields
following a fate-charted course

The beauty is much on the surface
shades of white the visible hue
hidden beneath the strength of the tower
is crystalline infinite blue

buoyed up by the laws of the mother
Layered in eons of mystery
captured by all and by none
pounded by earth's timeless history

In awe we are struck by the beauty
internally dwarfed by her depth
insignificance is our impression of us
as we stand in her magnificence

Such is the life that surrounds her
reflected in the blue Crystal mirrors
revealed in the profound glacial frost
is the truth that is ultimately ours

All the visible us is the finite
we're not just that part you can see
our lives mostly viewed at the surface
just observing the part that's called me.

Ignoring the truth internal
floating along in the sun
unaware of the aqua blue depths
at the essence of every one

Until the hot sun melts and diminishes
as the icebergs founder in the bay
and the heavy bottom unbalances
and the depth is revealed with a bang

Secrets cannot long stay hidden
The Crystal blue truth must be known
Snow covered, cold frosted egos
melt away and divinity is shown

and for your Sunday morning listening pleasure!
Crystal Blue Persuasion

by Tommy James and the Shondells


Daria said…
Love the poem ... love the pictures ... love the song at the end.
April said…
This is beautiful! Your hometown looks and sounds like a magical place, your post today makes me want to go there Breeze. Just the name "Change Island" makes me want to go there. The poem is wonderful, such a good metaphor you have used.
Anonymous said…
Breeze, I have not yet had the good fortune to travel to your part of the country, but I long to. I can only begin to imagine the majesty of the land, and the commitment of the people to it. Thanks for sharing this!
SimplyBillie said…
Wow. That's beautiful. Sounds like an amazing place!
I have a tag for you on my blog, if your interested. =)
Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
"saline fields" - wonderful line. Great flow to this poem.
nollyposh said…
wOw! Wonderful words <3
Deepanjan Ghosh said…
Your hometown is so pretty! It's like a fairytale! Beautiful poem too!