Celebrate Yourself Today!

I received my first birthday card today! It's from my in laws who are in Florida, due to arrive next week for their biannual visit. My mother-in-law has a talent for picking very beautiful cards. This one is so nice I thought I would pay it forward and send the sentiment she sent me on to you!

Celebrate Yourself Today

Today, in the midst of your busy life, may you have at least one moment to sit back and relax~when you don't have to do anything or be anywhere in particular...May you have a moment to reflect on the past year, and all you've accomplished and to look forward to all that may be waiting for you in the year ahead! But mostly, in that moment, may you realise, here and now, what a gift your life is~not just to you but to everyone who knows you.

Yes. All of that to each and everyone of you. I started this blog at the end of January, a complete novice to blogging, I thought it would be a nice way to practice my writing, share my thoughts, my ideas, my life philosophy. But it's turned into something entirely unexpected and wonderful. It's become a very valuable part of my life. Not the blog, that's just a nice medium to play in. The blog is like the sandbox, that's fun even alone, but when your friends come over, now that's when things really happen. You are the friends that come to my sandbox and you are an awesome group!

There are now 37 followers here on this site. And more come without any official list. I have someone from almost every continent I think. No penguins yet. Nearly all of you have wonderful sites of your own. I try to visit everybody and comment and keep updated, stories of haunted houses and battles with illness that astound me with their heroic attitudes, cool ideas, a witch that I love, a 5 month old baby who blogs with some help from her daddy...artists..I love the artists...so many of you who inspire me daily. If I sit down and don't know what to post, I just visit a few blogs, see a picture, read a quote, somehow it comes. And then there are the technical guys, I've got to mention Fletch who has helped me set up my brand new blog with a beautiful new template and all I did was ask for help and he said ok.

I think this Internet thing, for all its problems and high tech issues it can bring, and we hear a lot of the negative on the news, also does something really positive. It connects us. It makes it so that I can understand completely the frustrations of a friend in Great Britain or Australia! I haven't travelled but sometimes I feel like I'm there. It's kind of corny but you're not going to think it's corny because you're all like me..you all know don't you?

So now, friends in Bloggy World, read the message above, once more! Know that it is entirely for you, completely and sincerely. With all my gratitude and love.


Anonymous said…
Breeze, that is lovely! I feel the same way about blogland - I get so much out of it. There is not a day goes by that I am not grateful for the amazing people that I meet here.
You know, I think that we started blogging at about the same time! Interesting!
Wonderful! Yes, I too have found Blogger to be that inspiring connection between people. Isn't it beautiful?
Unknown said…
beautiful breeze the birthday babe !!!
Daria said…
Blogging has been wonderful for me. I just can't say enough about it and of course reading other people's blogs is most inspiring.
April said…
Thanks Breeze. I too have found it a great way to connect, inspire, and be inspired!