You are a Genius!

You are a genius. You have a part of you that is exceptional. Something special,some talent or a set of talents that is inside you, something you can do, rather something that you are that is exceptional. It's there, take my word for it, you are a genius. But you don't need to believe me, because you know it, deep down inside, you've always known it.

But there is a problem. Most of us, in fact all but a very rare few, don't spend any time nurturing the genius that lies within. We are taught by society to toe the line of compliance and obedience, to walk within the lines of the culture, the society, the community of people that surround us, that make the lines that keep us "normal".

We have to finish high school, go to college, get a job, get married, have children, save money, enough to retire, yes, retire, then once we retire we get to do whatever makes us happy. If we're good little people then it's OK and acceptable to let the genius out a bit. But not until then. Why that would be irresponsible!

And throughout our lives we struggle. We sit with a talent, a genius, a desire to create something, to do something that is distinctly ours. We squelch it down with a need to make money, a need to impress our neighbours, a need to appear normal, a need to protect the facade we've created and called "me" while the authentic and genuine "me" struggles beneath the surface, creating occasional bubbles of discontent.

Then at some point in life the fire gets too hot, the sparks of the desire of the authentic you to get out and live flare into a flame, desire fueling it until the cauldron that sits on it overflows and its contents spill and scald all that surrounds it, especially "me".

Some people call it a midlife crisis. I call it the will of the genius denied. Authentic you will eventually show and depending on your reaction to its whispers over the years you will either go gently into the acceptance of the genius you've denied or you will explode your life in an attempt to let the genius live in the world without anyone knowing. Something entirely impossible.

Of course the person you've called "me" will often fight because frequently "me" and "genius" find it impossible to live together and the old "me" has to move out, move on. And you find yourself mourning for the person that you used to be as the new genius you now are feels a bit foreign and uncomfortable. And people are noticing and some don't like the genius, for this new person isn't making as much money, isn't telling people what they want to hear and is doing things that the "me" that used to inhabit the body no longer does.

So the genius has to come, there is no stopping the genius from showing up. If you are young, start cultivating the genius now, find that thing you are good at, that you love to do, that you do for enjoyment not for money, that thing that you have to do, ignore the outside voices that say "you can't, you musn't, you shouldn't, there's no money in that" and go with the inner voice of your genius that says "but you must".

If you are older and have just been overtaken by the genius and are left shattered and broken and confused by a sudden shift, take heart, it's not so bad. You haven't wasted a moment, because the genius can only show when the old "me" is ready to let it come. You haven't spent any time in doing things that didn't need to be done to clear a path for the genius that has been inside, lurking to escape. Everything is perfect including divine timing. Celebrate the genius, throw a party for the genius for this is a welcome guest and better late than not at all.

So now the genius is here, first denied only because we as humans see genius everywhere but forget to look inside for our own. If we look inside we see it, if we don't it eventually comes looking for us. So start letting the genius out. Paint those pictures, write those books, start that charity, change careers, go back to school, move to the place you really want to live, visit the ocean, whatever the genius directs you to do, follow, for you can do nothing else, the genius is now in charge.

Know though, as you go along, this new, authentic you, is the you that will guide you to true happiness and fulfillment, the bliss you follow will be yours. Ignore the advice of others who say it can't be done. It can be done. Who would you rather listen to anyway?

Listen to that inner authentic you. Listen to the genius, do not deny the genius any longer based only on the criteria that it is yours. For yours is the genius that is most intelligent and its wisdom is what you've been searching for all this time. You just forgot to look within.


Anonymous said…
WOW! I love this post and will re-read it often.
There is an old saying, "Do what you love and the money will follow." I was reminded of this as I read your blog.
Big hugs,