Why I Write the Things I Write

This is a preemptive answer to the questions that haven't been asked of me yet but I feel are likely coming.

Why do I only write about inspiration and creativity and getting in touch with our spirit and seeing the connection between people on the earth? Wouldn't it be better to write about the injustice of the world, the crime, the violence, the sadness and the heartache? Couldn't I do more good bringing those things to light, focussing on a particular situation or cause so that the problems of the world could be better resolved?

These are the questions I expect to be asked. And my answer is simple. It's not what I'm supposed to be doing. I know that this is what I'm meant to be doing here.

There are a lot of people who have the calling to go into war-torn countries and places where people are starving to report that back so that we know and can help. There are people who are activists who do wonderful, invaluable work to help the people of the world rise above the situations they find themselves in. That is what they feel they have to do and it is truly admirable work. It's exactly what I tell people to do all the time.

I don't need to point out the violence in the world. We all know it exists. We all get the news, we all have the Internet. It's full of negative stories and heartache. You don't need another source of news that breaks the heart and chips away at hope like a sharpened chisel on a chunk of cold hard marble. Me telling you there are horrible things in the world is like telling a person they're tall or short. A tall person knows they're tall just as a short person knows they are short. It would be stating the obvious.

The reason I write about the interconnectedness of humanity is so that when we see that terrible news story across the ocean we can feel for the people because we feel we are one with them. The reason I write about living a life of service is so that people know that when they serve others they serve themselves. The reason I write about hope and positivity and inspiration and creation is to help create a balance so that all you hear isn't the sad story.

If for every negative news story a person read they also read something positive about humanity that balanced it out the world would be a more hopeful and pleasant place. If the person from India and the person from Australia can all see and agree with a message I've given them here I see that as an indicator that we all are not different, and in fact we are all the same. The things that happen aren't happening to them over there but to us, the Divine, sacred, human race.

So I leave the news telling and the activism for those who feel called to do so. I actually do some myself in my life. I walk my walk and I try to live in a place of service. I've been known to speak loudly and clearly when faced with injustice. I weep for the world at times and for my fellow humans who suffer so.

But this place, this space on the world wide web is not for that purpose. This place is for everyone who wants a little oasis from that to stop by and take a drink from the fountain of hope and spend a while in the gentle breeze of positivity. This is where you can come when you are the one being kicked around by life and you need some counterbalance. Sit with me and breathe deeply. Where there is life there is hope. Where there is love there is life. There is always love.


Lee said…
Trying again, first comment didn't take.

Great post, Breeze!

I'm with you. We are all one and need to open our hearts to the fact. I'm blessed to attend a really community oriented church. For me the hardest part is the knowing someone is in pain, of any sort. Wish I knew how to handle that part better. I can be all kinds of help though, once past the pain.

Peace! Hope! & Joy!
Unknown said…
I agree- we need to write about what we know and understand ( or are trying to undertand)- if everyone shared their expertise and became MASTERS of their field, how wonderful it would be.
I love what you write breeze- i may not always comment, but i always read xx
Anonymous said…
YES! There is way too much negativity and out there. It is refreshing to read thoughts of hope and inspiration. Blogspot is my sanctuary...thank you for your lovely posts.
Daria said…
What warms me the most about your post is that you say ... I know that this is what I'm meant to be doing here.

I so admire people who know what they are here to do. There appear to be so many people who are 'lost' in this world.
Thank you everyone. skywind..sometimes when I try to comment on your blog it freezed on me but I visit. But thank you for coming back!

Daria...this is so new to me, this knowing, but it's fantastic.

Thank you everybody for your kind words. I had a bit of a rough day today and I appreciate your kindness so much.

Unknown said…
I'd rather read your blog than watch the news any day!...oh, wait, I already do that! ;)
Thank you Lia! You have no idea how much that means to me. It's been a bit of a rough day!

Deepanjan Ghosh said…
There is always love - yes there is. Another wonderful post Breeze! Thank you!