Welcome Theresa at Mikibunz

You might notice a few minor changes to the look of my blog, one of them a little button on the side that links to a wonderful website for an amazing company Mikibunz!

Mikibunz is run by a stay at home mom who has started her own store with a vision of providing earth friendly products. We share this vision and we've formed a partnership to increase awareness of the importance of being mindful of this rock we call home. We'll be working together doing workshops and fairs to spread the word that there is a better, responsible and often less-expensive way to do things.

The flagship of her business is her own, hand-made, high quality organic bamboo cloth diapers. I've used cloth diapers since 1990 and consider myself a bit of an expert and these are some of the nicest, best-fitting diapers I've seen. They are also pretty darn cute!

So check out her website by clicking the link on the right, register to become a member and don't forget to sign the guest book.


Debbie said…
how great!! I used cloth with my youngest! LOVED it!! They were hard to find!! What a great resource you have helped provide...
Unknown said…
i always had cloth nappies, but then my babies are 21 and 16....smooch xx
My babies are 18, almost 15, almost 6 and 3...saved a bundle with the cloth! I still have them in the garage waiting for my friend's baby to come to hand them on.

Lisa..supporting the Aussie economy today...drinking Australian wine...yum!

Deepanjan Ghosh said…
We have used cloth in India for ages...but it's the bamboo that I find intriguing! Very interesting post.