We Wait With You.

Today we wait, in agony, though ours is microscopic when compared to the families of the passengers and crew of the helecopter that crashed off the coast of Newfoundland this morning.

Our lives have stopped, our hearts have slowed as we wait with baited breath for news, one found alive, one found dead, 16 missing, the agony of the wait, the anticipation of a positive outcome for the remaining missing, we are all in this with you, waiting with you, crying with you, hoping with you and praying for you.

Once again the province of Newfoundland holds vigil as we watch for news of a tragedy at sea, nothing new in our long 500 years and nothing that one ever becomes accustomed to.

We are all holding your hand, we are all with you, our spirits united with yours for the best possible outcome. United we will hold you up, keep you lifted as you wait these long moments to know where your loved one is.

We are thinking of you and your loved ones in anticipation of the best possible outcome.


Anonymous said…
My thoughts and prayers are wih everyone effected by this tragedy. So, so sad.
Unknown said…
wow- thanks for letting us know angel- i am sending love, knowing that the angels will be doing their work xx
Jen said…
Oh, sending love and light your way this day.

Hugs to all