The Voice

The voice says,hello
here I am listen to me
but I listen to another
and go a different way.
No this way, not that
the voice says
I know the way

But I go along ignoring it
I don't know this voice,
I don't know where it's come from
and trust for this voice hasn't come yet
so I go another way

and as I stumble along the path
tripping over bramble and rock,
bruising and bleeding
the voice says
that's ok, you'll be fine
and I argue, no
I've hurt myself

and I move along another path
much the same
listening to another.
One after the other
they tell me to go
this way and that
tearing me asunder

The voice gets stronger.
Every time I send it away
it comes back louder
it says, that isn't the way
listen to me
I know the way.

And one day I stop
I listen, what are you saying voice?
Tell me where to go
Tell me which way
And the voice that is mine
tells me
Go your own way.


Anonymous said…
I really love this poem Breeze, and the message resonated through my soul. I was guided by "the voice" for 2 years leading up to my diagnosis. Thankfully, this time I listened to it.
Beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it.
Renee said…
Breeze this is so real and so true.

We need to listen but it is a hard thing to do sometimes.

Love Renee xoxo