The Violet Flower

The violet flower lays discarded
dirty in the road it blows.
It stops! Endangered, faded, lonely
from the stones in tidy rows.

The child with hazel eyes sees treasure.
Don't run! I'll fetch, I follow through.
"It's beautiful and not that dirty",
she asks "is it violet or is it blue?"

With curious eyes she asks of me
"Why are there rows and rows of stones?"
I struggle to explain to her
with simple words and gentle tones.

She nods her head in satisfaction
I'll take it home, it'll last forever
I'll plant it in my garden pot
It is my special flower treasure

So home we came to plant her flower
blown from an anonymous grave.
Now planted in her little garden
the special bloom she had to save.


Anonymous said…
Beautiful flower.
Beautiful sentiment.
Beautiful poem.
Deepanjan Ghosh said…
Such a pretty flower from a grave...just had a whole series of thoughts running through my mind...including is a rather pretty flower, isn't it?
It is. I didn't mention it's plastic did I? My daughter thinks it's perfect. At least it won't die. But unfortunately that means it didn't get to live. That was quite a conversation to have with a 5 year old.

Keats? Anything in particular?

Deepanjan Ghosh said…
Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought.

Plastic?! you've spoiled all the fun!
haha..should have kept the secret!

the sweetest songs, oh yes, perfect!
speaking of which..your simple song suggestion is now a part of my other blog post..Savage it!
Deepanjan Ghosh said…
Oh, I get song associations all the time...I am music obsessed. I listen to music 24/7. Look forward to reading the new post.
nanobri said…
I liked this one. It's funny how children can remind us of all that is wonderful that we now take for granted.