I'm taking a day off today, I have some stuff to do this morning. I likely will be busy most of the week off and on so I'll try to post every day, but I might miss. I hope not. Meanwhile, just a little poem today. Something I put together when thinking about someone who has caused some pain in my life in the past. I call it Understanding.


Your words come at me like a knife
they first wound me to my core
and then I let them go deciding
you can't hurt me any more

So you try with actions then
to intrude into my spirit
but you find it filled with love
there's no room for worthless hatred.

Then you cast another stone
and I smile and walk away
you don't like to be ignored
and you hate me, so you say

Then I turn and see your eyes
and I see the pain that's there
hidden down beneath the anger
crouching underneath the fear

and I send you love and light
and hope some day you'll start
to take the love and light I send
and replace the hatred in your heart


Anonymous said…
Very powerful!
Have a good week - does it involve your leap of faith???
April said…
Wonderful! How wise and beautiful.
Lee said…
Lovely poem, Breeze. I like your way of handling the pain of the situation. I'm working on my method and I think it will be the same. Granted, it isn't always easy. You have to step back first, as you said. :-)

Peace! Hope! & Joy!
skywind said…
Understanding that there is no gap between them.
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