It's March break here and it's been a hectic week. Two more days. I've had three kids around almost 100% of the time with no husband to help. It's been crazy and hectic and there has been no schedule. I have another day of driving this way and that tomorrow and then Sunday I rest if I can. Well, there's laundry and last minute school preparations and lunches but no driving, away from home planned. Just staying in my little home in my little town and relaxing.

I used to hate March break. It was crazy days of "I'm bored" and "drive me here" and messy houses and no routine or break. And nothing has changed. Except me.

It's been a wonderful week. And there is only one reason. I now make a point of enjoying it. There isn't much I can do. It is March break. The weather has been pretty cooperative. We've walked, I've cooked. I've tidied the house seven thousand times and I've managed, so far to be completely patient. The dog has peed in the house twice this week, something that never happens but he's not getting the almost undivided attention he usually gets from me in the week. It hasn't been his fault and I've managed not to scold him even though that's my first urge.

The kids have been loud and disobedient at times. But we've done yoga and each others nails and puzzles and watched more videos than they ever dreamt I'd allow. They're very happy and I even kind of like Dora now.

So this is turning into a journal of our week when really what it's meant to be is an example of how changing our thoughts, changing our perspective and really just allowing life to happen without expectations or regulations makes all the difference. I've heard it referred to as non-interference. That's basically what I've practiced this entire week, only stepping in when injury was likely but because I was more engaged and open and present that didn't really happen much.

I went shopping with my 14 year old for a dress for her semi-formal dance in a few weeks and even took along an extra teen. She came in quite handy in helping with the little ones and dress decisions. She found a dress and it was half the price I expected to pay, another reason to celebrate!

So Monday, two out of three of my children return to school. It's bittersweet. I look forward to my routine but I'll miss our non-routine somehow. It's been really good.

And listening to a three year old "read" a story to her dog while snuggled under blankets just a little while ago was the jewel in the crown of my week.

"This is a story of a dog and a person" she read

"have you heard this one before?" She asked her dog. Oh, to have the willpower not to laugh out loud at that!

How can I hate March break with kids like this? I'm ever so grateful she doesn't start school until "Octember" as she tells everybody. Octember is going to be lonely and I'll definitely be looking forward to next March break!


Joanne said…
Spring break here was last week, and we also just go with the flow, letting each day take shape as it may. I think it's a nice break in routine for all that way, just hanging out and being together.
Daria said…
What a sweet story about your three year old and the dog ...
Deepanjan Ghosh said…
Octember - hmm...it's not just kids who have that month in their calendar. I put that word in a report I sent to my boss, very recently.

Supah cute story, but what is "march break"???
March Break, also known as spring break, is a week long holiday the kids(and teachers) get from school.
Deepanjan Ghosh said…
This is the same spring that they make all those American teeny-bopper movies about? Where you go to the beach? Check out babes etc etc?