The Tick of the Engine

Well I tried but it didn't work. I've made a book, to be published through Heritage Makers. I'm a consultant and when I wrote the post below about my father's dream story one of you made a comment that reminded me that I could make my own book as I am a consultant with a storybooking company.

I can't post the link. There isn't enough width on the page to show it and it's too small to read. So if anyone is interested email me or post your email in the comment section and I'll send you a preview of it.



Unknown said…
skywind said…
Hehe ... hope you can if you wish. :)
Fletch said…
I viewed the book using the permalink. Good job!

You might consider placing the code in the footer section, where it shouldn't have the width constraints it suffers from at the moment.
Anonymous said…
Breeze, the book at the bottom of the page is wonderful! What a gorgeous tribute and lovely keepsake!
Anonymous said…
Thanks Breeze. I love your writing - my email address is:
Thanks Sweetie!