This Day

This day is new
a page unwritten, a clean canvas
and like inspired prose upon the the blank sheet
or strokes of colour upon the artist's easel
moment to moment the story is revealed
and at the end of this day the pen will still
the brush will be laid down with the
hope it has created something good and purposeful.

For the gift of the dawn is not to be wasted
and cannot be wasted even,
if you follow the flow of inspiration and love
and allow the words to come, the picture to appear.

For it has already been written in the universe.
It simply needs to be translated in deed and word
and you are the author, the artist, the creator
as am I.

This day is for the creation of a masterpiece,
and that masterpiece, that unwritten page, that blank canvas
that creation that is and also which is yet to be,
have no doubt, that miracle, that masterpiece
that wonderful creation this day has made
is you.


Anonymous said…
I love it!