Sunshine and Promise

Today the sun is shining. I look out my window and see its rays in a pattern of candy-striped warmth across my front porch. My furry tortoiseshell cat is happy. She's a sun worshipper like me and lays across the lines perpendicular, stretched out into feline contentment purring as the heat warms her soft fur.

I cannot help but feel relief that it's finally here. Spring. I am so energised by the thought of a new start, a new chance to get out into the world and enjoy it without the burden of cars and heat and winter clothing. I want to run in the sunshine and feel the strength of mother earth pulling me down, grounding me, keeping me secure. I want to feel the warmth of the solar heat on my head as I walk in the outdoors and watch the miracle of creation unfold before my eyes.

The neighbours too are happy, they bustle about, cleaning out last years growth from gardens making sure the earth is clear to make room for the daffodils and tulips that will soon spring to life in front of their homes. Little children are excitedly getting their bikes out of the garage, they've been cooped up all winter and they shiver with the excitement of physical release of their energy. Their excited squeals drift across from their front driveways and make me smile.

It's early spring, the season doesn't officially begin for a week but mother nature has her own calendar and the temperature and the sunshine mark her days for her. Today I will be running, then I am walking, then I'm clearing my garden and playing with my kids. I'm even looking forward to cleaning up the treasures my little dog has left me over the winter that the spring melt has revealed, I am that excited for the season. And then at the end of the day I will write, inspiration will come, I am as sure of that as season follows season.

Spring is my special companion and a welcome guest. She brings only joy and beauty, life and freedom and I embrace her every year when she visits. I spring clean my home on her rainy days, a chore that spring brings that I particularly relish for the joy of putting away the winter clothes and bringing out the summer. It's not quite time for that but I look forward to it soon!

Today however, it's sunny and it's a day for spring cleaning my soul, an even more essential chore and one that I love and that is even more necessary than any other. I'll worship the sunshine and warm air and embrace the potential that lies in the beauty of nature as she wakes up and stretches from her long winter nap. Today I start anew on a day filled with sunshine and with promise. And I am grateful.


Anonymous said…
Spring is my favorite season. I love the "re-birth" that Spring brings. And you are so right - peoples moods are strongly effected by the weather. I love seeing people "bouncing" as they walk down the path. It is a good, affirmative feeling!