A Sonnet for Daddy

So yesterday someone asked me about Iambic Pentameter, which led to thoughts of Shakespeare, which then led me to read a bit of MacBeth and the thought came to me that nobody writes sonnets anymore. I decided to write a sonnet but it's a simplified version because the kids kept interrupting so the syllables aren't exactly correct in some places but the rhyme pattern for an English sonnet is correct. My love left for work yesterday so it's on that theme.

My love is wandering with motivation
away from us to his destination
away from us and our family home
for our livelihood he has to roam
our hearts are heavy with his absense
and we miss his strength and his warm presence
children ask where did he go?
and I explain again and so
he'll return again to our warm place
with hug and kiss and a smiling face
and we'll be whole once again more
when he comes again through our front door
and we'll rejoice at this reprieve
until it's time again to leave.


Deepanjan Ghosh said…
wow! very very cool...really liked it...you know I used to be able to do this...when I was in college, but somehow, I just can't seem to anymore :(
are you sure you can't? I'm betting it's still in there somewhere!

Anonymous said…
A sonnet! How lovely! What has happened to such beautiful, magical writing. We have for sure lost a lot of that! Thank you for writing this!
April said…
Very nice! It's beautiful, and it inspired me to go ahead an attempt a sonnet myself.
Please post it! I'd love to read it!