Security Word Definitions. maybe I'm the only one but everytime I comment on someones blog and see the security words that you have to type I think of a silly definition for them. So today I wrote down a few of these words and I've come up with some definitions.

1. Braphoes: A phrase shouted by phisitors to the theatre.
2. astoles: People who cut you off in straffic
3. tativing: A holiday celebrated in October in Canada, November in the US and comes before Tismas.
4. Helece: a word that indicates you aren't completely empty-handed ex: helice you got the house in the divorce settlement.
5. paddiess: A place where you grow riess.
6. dhumate: a process where you reverse the process that turned a monkey in to a human. The opposite of dprimate.
7. Shicati: A kind of mushcroom.

Silly time over now.



Debbie said…
very cute!! I needed a laugh! Thanks for the 'silliness'. :)
nanobri said…
I am amused. :-p
Anonymous said…
Very funny! I always try to pronounce the words, but never thought to define them! Good laugh!
nollyposh said…
Lol! i've done this tOO (You don't think it's a sign... we might be going a bit shkucklic???) Lol!