The ocean knows that the sky is blue
The clouds know the sky never ends
The birds believe in the great beyond
And the fish know they swim with their friends

The sound of the water against the shore
whispers the words of the wise
The rustling song of the blowing winds
is aware of the rising tides

The leaves on the trees of the maple
know that the bees buzz in fields
The butterfly's beauty and grace
is known by the mountains and hills

and the knowledge of all that is true
lies in the infinite spirit of you.


April said…
So beautiful!!!!
Jen said…
Thank you sooo much for your beautiful comments on my blog today. I was overwhelmed by the support I recieved, makes such a difference.

Mother burnout. Oh yes. That explains it PERFECTLY. Do you need a case study for your book??? lol
I am treading water now. Calm. Looking forward to a nice sleep tonight and then working tomorrow. Sigh.

Thank you again. I so appreciate your support.

Luv Jen