In Sunshine and in Sorrow

On days when the sun seems farther away
and its heat isn't warm on your head
on days when sorrow reflects a great loss
when you want back what you've already had

When the sorrow comes and the days are bleak
and despair is your daily friend
and the light of the sun is so hard to see
blocked by the clouds that roll in

When the ocean roars loud on the rugged shore
and mimics the hurt in your soul
when it's hard to feel the heat from above
underneath lifes harsh, barren cold.

Reach for the light that shines from within
turn to your sacred self
It's inside you'll find the sacred divine
a deep, holy infinite well.

Your heart will tell you that to brighten your day
keep the faith, keep the hope, keep the peace
you'll offer a hug, you'll hang on to hope
and then ask "What is it you need"?

In sunshine I ask you "How may I help"
and in sorrow I ask much the same.
A prayer and a hug, compassion and love
bring light on the darkest sad day.

Reach out take the hand of the people you love
hold them close and offer your warmth
in sunshine and sorrow,it's the love that you give
that lightens your burden the most.


Anonymous said…
Wow! Breeze, these words really resonate with me, never more than since my diagnosis. You poetically wrote what I often stumble to describe. Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Breeze, I DID think you were going to say make lemonade. I LOVE "remove stains," the PERFECT analogy for negativity! Big hugs to you!
I couldn't resist..haha!
Daria said…

It's an amazing poem and really hits home ... just had chemo this week and feeling a bit down ... the poem lifts me up.

Thanks for that,
Your body will follow your spirit..keep them high and you will be well again.

Anonymous said…
Thank you. Just perfect!
Unknown said…
beautiful girl- so talented xx