In Search of Solitude

The swirling sphere that is the earth
spins beneath my feet
most days I am unaware
and I walk along in happy oblivion
but there are days when I feel as though
I'll be swept off the face of the earth
whirling into that spinning tornado
tossed like a discarded empty jar
off into the abyss of the universe
floating free and alone
nothing pulling and tugging
nothing holding me fast
and some nights, when the moon is full
and the stars shine bright
The earth shakes beneath my feet
and on those nights, for a moment
I wish gravity would just let me go
so that I can, Garbo style
just be alone.


nanobri said…
This poem gives me the sense that your life is kind of hectic. Some solitude can be good.

As long as you let gravity bring you back in the end. :)
Debbie said…
You spoke my heart..............
I prize my solitude and my social interaction. I love to write and read on so many interested subjects in solitude and I love to blog and share as well. I even have a blog of my own.I believe we need both and a balance to grow into a ghreater consciousness. I hope against what I see in the past and present in our evolving.