Have a Magical Day!

My daughter, Sophia just gave me a Valentine, a little late for the actual day but we encourage the expression of love on a daily basis around here so a belated Valentine is appreciated as much as a timely one, maybe a little more for it being unexpected.

The Valentine, carefully folded and addressed to me contained 4 simple words "Have a Magical Day"!

Wow! What a great sentiment and what a wonderful piece of advice. I try to have a magical day every day, some days seem to have more wonder and magic than others but the magic is always there, it's just some days we create shadows in our mind that dull our eyes to the magic in front of us.

My daily magic generally starts with a little three year old with big hazel eyes and a mop of blonde curls whose first words to me almost every day are "It's time to get up mommy, it's a beautiful day" because in her three year old world all days are beautiful and everything is magical. A game of checkers with a three year old is always magical. The checkers hop all over the board, the rules go out the window, little gloating songs of "I'm a king, ha ha ha" and "I win" are in order but then, a little magical miracle when she let's me win and says "way to go mommy"! Pure magic.

Then my 5 year old dances with the dog. "He's like a human" she proudly says as they dance around and around, her full of her princessness, him full of patience, more than any Prince Charming is likely to have.

My Christina is already gone, the magic of her day beginning when she remembers to turn off all of the lights before she leaves. She'll come home full of the stories of the day, school, friends, plans. Magic to look forward to.

My oldest will call. She's grown up, nineteen this year, that little baby, my first baby that I stared at for hours after her birth, dizzy and overwhelmed from the magic of her appearance in my life, altering it forever. She'll call and complain or share some exciting news of her new job, her life, her boyfriend, her kitten. It'll be pure magic.

The sun is shining, the day is sparkly with promise, there is spring in the air and the snow is melting, the magic of nature is always around me, magical and inspiring.

It's a humdrum day, no great plans, humble goings-on really, nothing of significance at first glance, but there is magic, so much magic in the humdrum. I'm going to find it today, because my little card told me to.

I hope as you go around your daily business, you find magic in your life, magic moments to fill you with bewilderment and awe. Have a magical day!


Anonymous said…
Oh Breeze, I think that this is officially THE BEST post that I have ever read! What a wonderful reminder to be grateful for the little things in life. Those are truly the "magical" things.
I LOVE THIS POST! I want to bookmark it and read it whenever I forget to practice an attitude of gratitude!
Love to you
Thank you Audrey! What a nice thing to say. You are the best!

Hilary said…
Such lovely sentiment expressed in this post. Our children, no matter how tiny - no matter how grown are all the magic we ought to need. Thanks for sharing this gem.
SimplyBillie said…
What a beautiful post! It really makes you think. There is so much magic in this life, but often we are faced with the day to day necessities that we forget to notice it. Great reminder!
Anonymous said…
We have so much to be thankful for!!! It's the little things in life that makes us the happiest..a valentine, a smile, a hug, a wild flower given to you by someone who cares..these are all gifts from God. Yet we often fail to give thanks, we want more and more. Thank God for your little sweetheart.
This blog has inspired me..Thanks