The Golden Lady

The golden lady sits on high
and gently rules the land
she never scolds, she never wails
she never lays a hand

She sends her love to those below
ruling fast and fair
gracing one side then the next
to a simple rhythmic aire

She warms us all day after day
asking nothing in return
only those who take too much
will feel her gentle burn.

she waltzes gracefully on the clouds
in a dress of molten gold
and never takes a partner
for they're all too weak and cold

She is the golden lady
Our solar queen above
she'll warm our lives and warm the earth
with everlasting love.


Deepanjan Ghosh said…
Have you ever considered that every molecule in your body was once part of the sun? Loved the lilting rhythm...great stuff, look forward to more...
yes..indeed I have..thank you, please come back.

SimplyBillie said…
Did you write that? Beautiful!
es I did. I write all the poetry on my blog(unless I say otherwise) and thank you!
nanobri said…
Nice poem. :) I noticed that large portions of it were iambic, though I wasn't sure if that was intentional. Do you pay typically pay attention to the meter when you write?
Cheryl said…
I enjoy reading your posts Breeze. It is lovely to have the opportunity to learn from your insights.
Although I read all posts, and love to be here, I do not always comment as my pain simply does not allow it.
nanobri...not's just how the rhythm comes to me...but I am aware of it..afterwards...I think the iambic is the most common form of rhyme in the English language so it's not surprising it's I read Shakespeare a lot so some of that likely is the filter I'm using when I write

Chez..I'm so happy you are visiting and I hope you pain becomes a memory very soon.

Daria said…
Very good ... I like the lines ...

only those who take too much
will feel her gentle burn.
Animated Magic said…
hello Breeze, enjoyed Golden Lady. Keep going with these, they have an innocence to them.
Thank you look..and I have to say I can't get that Wood Blue painting of yours off my's stunning.