Gift from the Dolphin

Fellow Blogger Double-Dolphin posted the lines that inspired this poem.

The dead reach out for the dying
We are dying when we are born to earth
The moment of our death is predetermined
in the moment of our worldly birth

and whether decades are the fortune
or a babe with just just one breath
whether lives are stolen in the violence
or if we choose our time of death

Death will claim us as it must
ours is just to wonder why
we're born, we live beside the ocean
and then eventually we die.

The dead are an ocean tide,
reaching out for the dying
and those left living on the earth
waste our breath on futile crying

Don't spend time in senseless weeping
live your life with hope and pride
appreciate the life that's yours
until you join the ocean tide


nollyposh said…
KInda sad
but beautiful none-the-less
It was from a sad post he'd made..I don't usually post sad things but somehow those he posted about deserved something...
nolly posh, I had to add some hope in the form of another needed hope
Debbie said…
what amazing post!! Sadness is part of life..moving through is what sets us apart!!
Deepanjan Ghosh said…
WOW!!! Unbelievable!!! Thank you so much!!! I can't believe someone would take my simple line of thought and turn it into this...!!!
Anonymous said…
Mmmm...I like the ending!
Audrey i had it without the ending first but I had to add that verse.
skywind said…
Survival and death, so that the main line of our life.
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Daria said…
Thanks for that post ... I have been feeling sad lately and your poem has lifted some of the sadness.

April said…
Love this one Breeze..beautiful and hopeful words. I actually just read that post of Dolphin's today...and I was inspired by it too. Check out my latest post and tell me what you think.
April said…
I love it! Beautiful and hopeful words. I just read Dolphin's post today and was inspired by that line as well..check out my latest poem and tell me what you think.