Fifteen things you may not know about me

Just a little fun thing I borrowed from one of those facebook notes that go around.

1. I've seen over 30 Great Big Sea shows, all over a 2 year period and I'm very excited Alan Doyle is going to be in a Russell Crow movie.

2. I can play the Bodhran, not well, but I can thump out a beat.

3. I drink Guinness and Red wine

4. I wrote a novel last year. It's really bad but I wrote it.

5. I'm a moderator for a very well-known parenting magazine's online forums. I moderate several discussion including their Mother's Writing Group.

6. My blog name Breeze Daze comes from the security words that I had to put in when I was setting up the blog. My daughter always calls me Ocean Breeze and I call her sunshine. I didn't have a name for my blog and I thought it suited.

7. My favourite band is Blue Rodeo and in my next life I'm married to Jim Cuddy.

8. I'm on Barack Obama's email list and get regular emails from him.

9. I'm a card carrying member of the Liberal Party of Canada

10. I'm a Boston Bruins fan because I loved Bobby Orr as a kid and the first hockey game I was ever allowed to watch was a Bruins game with Bobby playing. I have a Bruins Jersey with number 4 and ORR on the back.

11. I've met Darryl Sittler. He was nice.

12. I've met Donovan Bailey, he was nice and hot!

13. I love Celtic music like the Chieftains, Danu, The Barra McNeils and I LOVE Ashley McIsaac and I think he's a genius.

14. I organised six dinners for seventy-something kids and teachers last fall for Christie's musical theatre group. It was fun.

15. I run.


Anonymous said…
I LOVE Ashley McIssac and Great Big Sea! And of course Blue Rodeo! My nieces husband is a HUGE Boston Bruins fan and, as a child, has his picture taken with Bobby Orr.
I love those lists. One of these days I will post mine on the blog.
Unknown said…
i love celtic music and Russell Crowe.
You wrote a novel ?
is it publsihed ?
can we read it ?
It's in rewrites..I'm completely rewriting it. I may get it published some day.