Dream and Do!

It's a beautiful morning. There is a little fog hovering over the neighbourhood, the snow is all but completely gone, it's gray and still and completely perfect for a Saturday in March. I'm drinking a cup of coffee while my children play noisily in the living room. The children's chatter is the musical backdrop to my day and I love the song they are singing.

As usual I do not have to wait for very long for a little sign of what to write about to come. While checking my email I spy this little gem from my Heritage Makers Director at the bottom of her note. A beautiful quote full of truth and wisdom.

"The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.
But most of all, the world needs dreamers who do."
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

You might say I'm a dreamer(I'm not the only one~XXJohn LennonXX)and I've always been one. I'm a doer too. I've done lots of things and been good at them. Where I've gone astray is that I've never done the things I've dreamt of doing but rather I've done the things that the world told me I should be doing.

There is great responsibility, mainly to oneself, in carrying out the thing things we dream of doing. I have a huge dream that I intend to fulfill and there isn't enough room on this blog to write about it but one of my new goals is to create a weightloss support group for women, completely free, that is not about food and exercise but rather focuses on the reasons we fall into the trap of eating for reasons other than physical hunger because I feel that is where a lot of that problem lies. We are hungry for something other than food, maybe an unfulfilled dream has left a hollow feeling that we end up filling with something else, food. If it were just food and exercise then why, with all of the information available to us do we still find weight loss such an incredibly hard journey. There has to be a further, missing element. That is what I want to explore.

So I started a new blog. It's going to be about weight loss and I'm hoping to attract others on this journey with an eye to not just losing weight, but to gaining an awareness of who we each are as a person, and what the dreams are that we haven't fulfilled that leave us hungry for them.

So I've started some doing to match the dreaming. Join me on my new blog which can be linked through this one. I welcome all of your comments and suggestions and I welcome you to come along for the journey with me. I dream of health and fitness and today I'm doing it!