The Divine Thread

There is a silver thread of life
weaving a patterned unity
I now can see that thread of light
the thread of divinity.

It's interwoven through our selves
a silken tapestry
keeping us in a sacred bond
of love and unity

It runs amongst the living now
and those that once were here
transluscent and invisible
and colourless and clear

Once I saw the thread in me
and knew I was divine
I felt that I was sacred
and that divinity was mine

But the day that made the thread appear
in its most precious hue
was the day that I first saw the same
divinity in you.

For we are one, we are the same
sharing this filament of silver
its light runs through all humanity
and bonds us all forever.


Deepanjan Ghosh said…
Inspiring! If more people thought this way, the world would be a better place to live in...
Anonymous said…
Aww Breeze, that is really lovely! I love the imagery of the thread that runs through and connects us one to the other.
Carolyn said…
I love this! This wraps a lot of how I feel about things.
nollyposh said…
~Beautiful~ and so true x