Dance with the Moon

Dance with the Moon

She danced beneath the swollen moon
in anger and in pain
she stomped and screamed and railed and danced
and all of it in vain

She danced beneath the harvest moon
in sadness and in sorrow
she bent and bowed and and bent again
and looked towards tomorrow

She danced beneath the crescent moon
in fear and worry twirled
with frightened eyes she thrashed about
and tried to flee her world

She danced beneath the bright new moon
in happiness and glee
she did a happy jig of joy
for all mankind to see

She danced the dance of ancient times
bending like a reed
and found she usually danced her best
when she let her partner lead


Unknown said…
nice- full moon has a lot to answer for with me xx
Anonymous said…
The ending of this one surprised me - I was visualizing a free spirited, independant young woman, doing her own thing. Didn't see the partner coming! I liked it though.
Her partner is the point railing against nature...
April said…
Beautiful poem. I love writing that paints a picture. I have to say the last part also made me think of a human partner and didn't seem to match the rest of your message...I think the whole poem describes this ancient magical tie to the moon without saying it in the end. Still beautiful!
I think I counted on the title of this one too much...
April said…
Point taken! LOL. Again, beautiful poem.
April said…
P.S. Your blog is so much prettier than mine. Mine is looking boooooring.
April..I think mine is boring..because I don't have pictures..I'm not a photographer so it's kind of bland. I think I'm going to start taking the camera on walks for a while
April said…
But yours is nice and colorful. It will be fun to see your photos. I fully intend to spice mine up with photos too. I need to get going on the photography side of it.
You ARE a photographer, get crackin' on that!..btw..listening to you sing that song..anymore to send me?
Ania Vesenny said…
I love the rhythm! Wonderfully bewitching!
Thank you Ania. I appreciate the compliment!
Daria said…
Nice poem ... I enjoyed that. It started one way and ended another.
nollyposh said…
ahhh mOOn dancing... Is there any other kind? x