Come to the Field

Tonight I had a yoga class. OK, let's back track a little. Today I've been very busy. But I did find some time to read quickly some of the blogs I read on a regular basis. Many of my friends here in the blogosphere are battling some health issues, very bravely I would like to add, and while going through those blogs I stumbled upon Daria's update. She is due to take chemotherapy again for the twelfth time and she's been advised they are lowering her dose because she was weakened by the previous treatments she's had. She was concerned because she wants to really kick her cancer's butt and wanted the full dose.

So I've been thinking about what to comment on Daria's blog because I felt if I didn't get to comment anywhere else, I would make the time to comment on hers. Her concern is very valid. What I came up with was that maybe she could do some other healing type things, alternative, complimentary modalities to pick up the slack. I wasn't sure what to recommend so I was thinking I'd make a gentle suggestion that she try something like that.

So today I had a yoga class. Now my yoga classes are very small and the teacher is very good and very hands on. At the end we always do a relaxation portion. Well today she really had us working our paces...stretched us out like pretzels so when the relaxation time came I was ready for deep internal bliss.

But what came to me was Daria's predicament. Instead of letting the thought go though, I thought I would just meditate and go inside and see what came to me as a way to help her.

Within moments I was in a field, a beautiful field and it was green and vivid and swirling with green and yellow colour and light. I could see the wind in the field making the air look like it was tinted like the coloured sand you sometimes see swirled around in those vases. It was breathtakingly beautiful and there are no words to describe it exactly. The sun shone bright and warm upon that field and like metal to a magnet I was drawn into the middle of it.

I knew immediately that this was the field of wellness and well being. I went into it, in my mind, feeling an intense sensation of well being and peace. I've never felt so good, ever. I walked through it and I could feel health and wellness from the swirling green air penetrating my skin and enveloping me in goodness and joy.

And then I thought, this is where I need to bring my friends. So in my mind I started inviting them, women who I've never met, familiar faces, and unfamiliar faces all with different health crisis, I invited them all, named and nameless to come into the field with me. And one by one they all came and they all one by one absorbed the wellness they needed for complete and utter health from this field. One by one they smiled the smile of those who know they are healed.

I don't know if there is a modality that specialises in this type of visualisation but if there is I think this is what you need, maybe what we all need to be doing, going into the field of well being in our minds and absorbing all of the healing vibes that swirl gently around like coloured air.

Meanwhile, you've all already been there today and I hope you are feeling some benefit to being in that place even if you didn't know you were there. I was certainly wonderful to visit with you there. I send wonderful healing vibes to all of you, particularly Daria who is needing a little extra to pick up the slack.



Daria said…
Thank you for taking the time and energy to not only read my blog today but to write about it. I feel honored.

To be honest, I feel a bit beaten down by the cancer and the treatment. I could definitely use some spiritual healing.

I do have some mediation tapes I used back when I was first diagnosed ... I can revisit them and see if they provide me some of the healing I'm so in need of. I know they are very relaxing.

I will definitely be thinking of the healing field with the healing vibes.
Relaxation is very important. I'm so glad you came by to read. Meanwhile I'll be taking you to the field whenever I can as well. I could feel a sense of defeat in your post and I don't think you anywhere near defeated yet. I can't even imagine how tired of this you must be though but I feel it is for the greater good. I sense things will get better for you after a while. Take care.

nollyposh said…
ooooh Thankyou huNNy and check out my bloggy because i must've been one of the folk that you brought with you to your wonderful healing field (Either that or i got a whiff of those magical vibes and hitched a ride! Lol!) *kissez* and i too use visualization for healing (especially cancer)... i must tell you some of my stories on my bloggy <3 <3 <3
Jen said…
How beautiful.

I love the visuals you left me with and will be going to that field myself.

Hugs to you
Anonymous said…
Breeze, thank you for this thoughtful post. I know Daria personally - she is a wonderful, kind, strong woman. She is a true pleasure to know. I appreciate the kindness that you have shown her.
Deepanjan Ghosh said…
Now I know what I'll be dreaming about tonight...great post as usual Breeze!
SimplyBillie said…
What a beautiful post! I used to do a lot of visualization/meditation, but the whole kids and life sort of got in the way. I really need to get back to it. I know it would only do me good. That and Reiki. I haven't done a lot with my Reiki training since the baby was born.. though I did use it on myself last night to cure my crazy migraine.