Where am I?

Where am I this cold,dark day?
This endless day of night.
Where do I find that which is me?
The inner, sacred light.

Where do I look for what I seek?
Where do I need to go?
In deepest, darkest, cold dispair
Where is my sacred soul?

In deepest darkest silence
is the self that you do seek
In quiet, peaceful solitude
You'll hear the sacred speak.


Anonymous said…
very nice carolyn
Unknown said…
yes, i am relating to this xx
We just found your blog while browsing through and wanted to say that this poem is wonderful. You have talent. =]

- Avery & Bella

Kawaii said…
That's a lovely poem, I'm going to follow your blog. I really relate to what you say. Good luck with the book.

Feel free to check my blog out www.nelehuk.blogspot.com
Lee said…
Good morning, Breeze. This is a lovely poem and I find myself relating to it in many ways. I tend to find that sacred silence when I'm about to fall asleep, doing morning prayer, and on rare retreats. I think I need more of those mements in my life.

You visited and left a lovely comment asking for advice. I can't imagine what I could tell you. You already are doing what I want to do, writing. Congratulations on getting your novel in draft form. I'm still wondering about structure and organization. I forsee a creative writing class or two in my future.

I see you have a follwer whose writings I admire very much, Fletch. He's awesome! Have you visited his blogs?

I'm so glad you decided to drop by. Your blog is great.

Lee said…
PS, Fletch is the guy who helped me design my page's look. I had the vision and he had the skills.