What Book am I Writing Today?

Ok. So I keep getting questions. I don't talk about my writing. It's all mine and I don't care about getting published or making money off it(that would be nice but I think it will interfere with inspiration so I don't focus on it) I just like doing it. So when people ask about my book it's a bit hard to answer.I'm writing several books. I've started a book that is about mommy burnout and how to avoid or stop that.

The second is a novel, love story, character type thingy(bad writer, too many brain farts) and I also work as a publishing consultant for Heritage Makers, publishing stories and helping others to publish their own family heritage stories. I make money doing this and I love the instant gratification of seeing my stuff in print.

I've also written two children's books, one for my older children that was written when they were little, was lost and found last year in a box!!! and is now safely stored on my hard drive with a copy in the safe. A second is a dedication to my favourite teacher, Linda Peckford, who probably will never know the influence she had on an underconfident, awkward, shy 10 year old way back in grade 4.So now I'm also a blog writer. I also rent birthing tubs. I also offer my services as a birth assistant(in training for this) and I'm looking for other things to do as well. I'm busy. I like it that way. And sometimes I like to do nothing. That's when I read.