The Picture in My Banner

I've had a few people ask about the picture in my banner so I thought I'd make a quick post to answer for everyone.

The scene in the picture was taken by me last summer. It is just up behind my mother's house in Newfoundland and the body of water is the Atlantic ocean. The fence is to keep the ponies in as that is part of the newfoundland pony refuge which has the objective to save the diminishing number of that breed of ponies from completely dying out.

This is one of my favourite places and when I was younger I dreamt of building a house there with huge windows overlooking the ocean and a wharf at the water's edge.

The picture of the whale on the right was taken by my husband when he took our youngest daughters codfishing. I think it's breathtaking.


skywind said…
Oh, yes indeed the case. Too exciting. :-D
Kawaii said…
I love the piccys, really relaxing. Quick question, how do you put a picture in a the banner at the top?