Out of the Mouths of Babes

It's been a crazy day and I've got two decent posts in the works but nothing finished. I am determined to post something every day so here are some examples of conversations that happen when you have kids.


"Daddy you tooted! Well akshully you farted"

Sophia~5.5 after reading a book to her little sister

Sophia "Mommy, this book is about Clifford"

Me, distracted "Uh uh"

Sophia showing me the picture" See, he's all rolled up in a snowball"

Me glancing at picture"yeah, I see"

Sophia "That could never happen"

Me "No sweetie, I don't think so"

Sophia "I think this book is fiction"

Me, suddenly alert "and what would you call it if it was something that really happened?"

Sophia looking at me like I'm stupid "That would be non-fiction".

Me "I love you".

My text message conversation with Christie

Christie's text "Mom, do I have ADHD?"
My text"No, of course not".
Christi's text"What did I just ask you?"

Alyssa~call home, and say something cute. I have nothing to post.

Art Linketer would have loved my kids!


skywind said…
Children is the most lovely little angel. I have a small daughter, 8 years old this year, one grade in elementary school. I love her very much, saw her innocent and lively, all the troubles would have been had. Hehe ....:)

nanobri said…
hey, thanks for the comment and following my blog. :)

I really don't have a go-to item for increasing spiciness. Chipotle spice might be a good option. It used to be hot chili oil, and I might pick that up again. I've never been a huge fan of Tabasco sauce and stuff like that so I've not gone that route. Is chipotle pretty spicy, or is it more just a flavor thing? Ideally I'd like something that was both.

Thanks again for saying hi, and take care!
Kawaii said…
Aw your kids sound really cute. You must be so blessed to have them.