Ode to Shiraz

So my friend's husband is gone on an exchange trip with their son for a week and she's home with their three younger children alone and her facebook status said "Thank Gawd the cork came out of that wine bottle".

And as I was sitting here enjoying a glass of shiraz myself,I wrote her a poem and pasted in in her comments to give her a chuckle and here it is. It's one of those lame little verses but I'm sure all the burnt out mommies can relate.

The day has ended with a bang
and a few whimpers(from me)
The living room is destroyed
the carpet I cannot see
The dishwasher needs an emptying
To make room for a load
The floors need some cleaning
Very dirty is my abode
The kitty litter needs a scoop
Some mirrors need a shine
Some laundry needs some folding
But To hell with it, I need some wine!



Unknown said…
yes- thats just about says it all !
nanobri said…
I love Shiraz! It's probably my favorite type of wine.
Holistic Mommy said…
Maybe that's what I need this time every night...Chai tea just ain't cuttin' it!