Jessica Simpson is Fat

So I get off the phone with my husband. He has just told me the most incredible thing. Apparantly he was listening to a radio program where they were talking about Jessica Simpson and how she made an appearance and is suddenly very fat. I get off the phone and drag my average size 10/12 butt over to the computer and google Jessica Simpson is fat and the first link I find has a picture of Jessica, performing and I am floored. I mean this is not the same girl. What has happened? Where did the daisy-duke wearing, worked out 5 hours a day, ate lettuce and carrots, girl go. Jessica has ballooned up to a hefty, what? Size 2?

The girl has become a woman folks. That's all. She looked beautiful on the picture. Beautiful blonde hair, clear features, a full, mature figure. But she's hit that age where you can't eat the fries and not gain weight like you could in your teens. She'll gain another ten lbs in her thirties if she changes nothing and maybe another ten in her forties. If she exercises and eats relatively healthy she'll stay there and likely be an average size 10/12 like me and most other women. Go Jessica! You're perfect!

Now I realise in these tough economic times that the writers who think Jessica Simpson's weight is important news have to make a living too but really, isn't there something really important you could be doing instead of knocking down a young woman trying to build a career? I'm not familiar with her music, she's a popstar, not something I"m ever going to knock as a former Keith Partridge fan, pop has it's place and she's done something to become known as a singer. Concentrate on her abilities, her talent. Tell us what you think of that. Tell us if we should go see a show she's at. I'm not concerned if she's big or small, I'm only concerned if she can entertain me.

As the mother of 4 daughters, two of whom are currently teens, this is really scary. My daughter is a size 2. She's skinny. Will she diet now because a size 2 is suddenly fat? And you "mister Jessica Simpson is fat" writer behind the story, would you mind telling us your weight? Fair is fair after all. If she has to maintain a size zero I hope you hold yourself up to the same standards and drop that twinkie right now. You're getting crumbs in the keyboard.

Jessica Simpson is not fat. Jessica simpson has some fat on her. Good. She's healthy. My husband called back, he's seen a picture of Jessica. "She looks great" he says "best picture I've ever seen of her, she looks real".

I agree.


Kawaii said…
I can't believe that somebody would say that, it's terrible. I agree totally with you it's not going to promote a positive body image in teens. As somebody who struggles with her weight I find it unbelievable that they would say that about her.