The Divine Rain

The rain is my friend. It comes often in the spring, the season of my birth and I feel a kinship to it. It is the rain that washes the earth, first revealing soft, muddy soil, a bane to my clean floors when muddy paws inevitably track it inside, but a balm to my soul as I see the hidden promise of green grass, snow white crocuses and multi-coloured tulips.

It is raining today and it is filling me with joy. My hair will be curlier from the misty-moments between the showers, the way I like it best. My hair is meant to curl just as the rain is meant to fall. Rainy days make it easier for me to feel close to humanity, make it easy to remember to meditate, wash away the weights I sometimes forget that I carry.

It signifies that each moment is a moment of renewal and hope and to be grateful in it. It is easy to be grateful in the rain and we all need an occasional easy day.

The words of the rain is my chant, the rhythm of it my heart song. I sleep better with the pounding rhythm of the rain on my rooftop, I always have. It is the melody of my mantra, playing it's soft words in my mind, "you are reborn, you are reborn, you will always be reborn".

I'm going out today, to run some errands and I will walk slowly from shop to car to shop and allow my friend the rain to wash my soul and remind my heart that I am divine, that you are divine, that all is divine, just like the raindrops.

PS: I love a Rainy Night


Anonymous said…
A great post. Rain, what a miracle of nature! It's calming and encouraging, pensive and fresh. All things good.
Anonymous said…
Oh Breeze, I loved this post. For many years I lived in Vancouver, famous for its rain! Many people complain about it, but I always found comfort in it. The sound is indeed soothing, everything green and fresh! I miss it!
Have a great weekend.
Anonymous said…
Breeze, your blog is an inspiration, truly. I'm now a local fan of yours, in Stratford. I have added you to my favourites, and will definetly be checking in regularily for my daily inspiration. Keep it up!! I too love the rain; it cleanses.
nollyposh said…
Oh send some to me X;-)
I love your music and your comments touch me. The rain as all else . Rainy days do induce meditation. We are all so blessed even today and your comment brings that to mind in my psyche. Life is a learning odyssey of never ending wonderment and ecstasy.