I know

I Know

I know the sun will  warm the earth
as it climbs into the horizon
I know the solstice sky will hold
the mystery of the full moon rising

I know the stars will sparkle high
over rocky shores and perfects Isles
I know the beauty of that ocean
will always bring remembering smiles

I know that flowers will bloom in gardens
where those that left us lie in rows
I know the nature of our essence
and I know that spirit never goes

I know the voice that speaks your name
and recognise the words as true
I know I have to wait and listen
for the song that sings of you

I know the joy of being present
and choosing this moment's happiness
I know its all we ever have
and I know eternal thankfulness

I know that all is as it should be
And I feel it deep inside my soul
I know that peace will come to you
and that is everything I know.


You know quite a lot I would say, but this day's still going to end tonight.

And tomorrow, will be a better day. Better than today.

Blasphemous Aesthete
Lia Mack said…
your poetry is phenomenal. this brought tears to my eyes.
Breeze said…
There is no day can be better than the day I wrote that!
Lia thank you