An audio sample of The Forbidden Dreams of Betsy Elliott!

It has been a whirlwind of a time, launching Betsy into the world but she's doing great. Should have known she would. With her determination, talents and skills and dreams she was likely to do well no matter what obstacles were placed before her.

Launch one saw a great turnout at Chapters on February 21 despite some nasty weather, Costco signings (4 of them!) were great and I got to chat to so many amazing people who love books and were browsing the book aisle looking for the next great read. I go back on March 21 from 6 to 8 and March 22 from 12 to 2pm to sign more copies and hang with more great people! It's amazing who you see, and it is a bit odd that two of the people I met are people I knew in Ontario, who are not from the province, who have since moved here! Outmigration may be a problem but inmigration does happen!

My launch at Citadel House was a blast & again, a great turnout.

I had the opportunity to do some radio interviews that I hope to share with you all soon but meanwhile, I thought I'd give you a sample of the book. This is the first part of my readings and is the very first section which introduces Betsy in her place. Of course, right after this bit, we go into the action but you're going to have to read the book to read about that! It's available on Amazon in paperback & Kindle.

Here is your sample.